Basement Underpinning for Baltimore Rowhomes

Baltimore rowhomes are often known for their useless basement areas. Most have very low ceilings and some only crawl spaces. Since you rarely can expand out or up with your rowhome, this often the best place to gain living space. To excavate out your basement to a useable height, we need to extend your foundation down as well.

This what is known as underpinning. If not done properly, it can cause damage to not only your home but your neighbors, as well. There is no need to hesitate though, as we have plenty of experience with this and can do it very safely and efficiently.

As long as underpinning is done the proper way, it is virtually a worry-free process. After this is complete, we can convert this formerly useless space into somewhere worth living.

Here are some examples:

Underpin of old stone foundation

Steel stud frame out

Hidden sump pit closet

Another basement underpinning job, where you can see we have framed it out for complete finishing

Notice the original height at the rear of the new living space

Due to the tight constraints where a much shorter stair used to exist, we have to custom frame a new stair, often with multiple winders to make it all fit properly