Custom Stairs and Staircases in Baltimore, MD

Most homes these days have are using factory-made stairs and rail systems. Although this can keep costs down, it can also severely limit your options. Custom stair building is quickly becoming a lost art, and it is one we can provide for you.

On some occasions, you have a limited amount of space where a pre-made stair simply will not work. We will be able to do the math to design a solution. You might also want a staircase that flows with the design of your house better or becomes a centerpiece of your home. We have the skills to create all of this for you.

Here are some examples:

Grand entry oak stair

Forged steel balusters

2nd stair for same home

Black stain winder stair

Matching landing rail system

Matching 2-Winder Basement Stair

Twisting and Turning Handrail

Custom maple stair

Custom maple rail to match

Custom oak stair with maple handrail

Open riser-stringer stair

open riser-stringer stair

Ipe exterior stair with riser lights

Unfinished stair to freshly underpinned basement

Stained Oak Winder Stair